Sunday 11 October 2015

Another challenge

Following the buzz and excitement of finishing my first ever marathon, I straightway entered another one. My thinking was 'strike while the iron is hot'. Now I'm thinking, 'oh man, what have I done?'. This new marathon is only a few weeks away and doesn't give much time for training. The marathon event I have entered is 'The Autumn Shakespeare Marathon on 14 November 2015.
My first marathon raised over £200 for my chosen charity Papyrus. A big big thank you to all those that sponsored me. The charity sent me an email following my run which expressed thanks - that was nice.
As for training this week, well, I did very little. I ran only twice. I didn't swim or cycle or attend tri-club. My runs were neither long nor far. Would I be a chicken if I pulled out now? (Ha!)

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