Monday 20 March 2017


Parkrun (fastest time this year)
Whoa! What an eventful week last week turned out to be. In fact, it aged me by a whole year!

Started the training week with an indoor spin using the Bkool app. Cycled about 30k. Was nice to stretch the legs after so long. The Bkool app was not working great though and was very jumpy and crashed before my session had actually finished. Not long after the cycle, I stuck on my running shoes and ran xc style over the fields of Studley which was nice and worked just fine!

On Thursday, I finally left BSMHFT - an NHS Trust that I had worked for, for the past 18 years. There had been great times and not-so-great times. On the whole it was OK, but as I often say 'work really does get in the way of fun'. And now, I've left. No tears. Maybe a few fears...
My next adventure was on Friday. I cycled a 'Doo version' of 'Wiggle's Tempest' (standard) route. This was a great route covering just over 100k and it was all close to home. Bonus! One day, I might 'man up' and cycle the 'epic' route which adds another 50k or so and some big hills!
Saturday was Parkrun day. I ran the Arrow Valley route (was tempted to run Hanbury but that run was not happening - still not really sure why it's been cancelled). Amongst the usual faces there I spotted John Mitchell (or rather, he spotted me) which was cool. My run was completed in 23:21which was my fastest time this year. (21:39 is my PB and I'd still like to run a time of 20 something).
Parkrun (sprint finish)
Saturday afternoon was spent with my wife and kids. We went to Bourton-on-the-Water to see where the City Fairies live. We also tucked into a hearty picnic (refuelling after the run). Now that I don't work weekends, I guess I'll have more adventures with my family.
Home of the City Fairies 
Nom, nom, nom
Sunday was my birthday. My 42nd birthday in fact. For 42 years, God has blessed me and benefited me in so many ways. I am blessed with great family and friends, I have food on my table, clothes on my back, I live in relative safety, I have my own home, I have access to water, I have good health and all my senses (some might argue) work ok - and for all this, I am truly thankful. I also have the hope of a better life to come.
Birthday breakfast
As for birthday's, well, y'know, I had a wheely great day! Thank's for all the b'day wishes and goodness that followed that day. I really have some awesome friends and family.

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