Sunday 12 March 2017

Jobs a good 'un

Very little happened this week on the exercise front. Very little indeed! In fact, I only trained one day this week and that was on the Monday. Just a 15k indoor spin and a 5k cross-country run. Pah!
Despite training very little, SJ helped me keep my excitement about future planned trips. I have plans to cycle a 'Doo version' of the 'Tour of the Black Country' - an on/off road cycle adventure with a spot of wild camping thrown in for good measure. SJ made me a super light (down) sleeping bag ready for this and other pending adventures. Ain't she a good 'un?!

The reason behind me training so little was simply because I was swotting up, ready to be interviewed. I have since been interviewed and pleased to inform that I was offered the job I applied for. Very soon I will be the Team Manager of a Mental Health and Psychosocial Substance Misuse Team.

Next week will be tough and little time will be spent training. I have some horrible 'full day' shifts to look forward to as I spend my last week working for BSMHFT. Here's to adventures anew!

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