Monday 7 May 2018

Brevet Cyrmu 2018 (Extended Bonus Edition)

Only 2 training events this (last) week. A cycle commute to work and back (and passed the Mrs on my return) and a 400k audax. Oh the joys!

Work had prevented more training. Ain't this always the way?! Well, maybe I could have pushed myself a little harder...

Anyways, the 'big' event I cycled was the rather awesome Brevet Cymru. A collection of my thoughts and memoirs are presented below:

  • This was the 3rd time I had cycled this event and on each occasion this event was organised by Mark Rigby.
  • I first completed this event in 2011. This was my first ever 400k event. This was used as a qualifying event for PBP.
  • I got lost in 2011.
  • I rode the event again in 2012. That was my second 400k event. I wanted to cycle this route 'properly' and not get lost.
  • I got lost this time around and added about 50k to the total distance.
Brevet Cyrmu 2011
  • I rode solo in 2011 and 2012, this time around I cycled with Jamie and Toll.
Brevet Cyrmu 2012
  • I did not finish in time this time around, though still completed the route.
  • I rode wearing sandals.
  • First control was in Hay-on-Wye. I had previously bounced this control on previous editions. Was nice to stop for breakfast. I had honey and toast. No.5 is alive!
  • The 2nd control was Llandovery. Prior to reaching control, I experienced much menace. Bolt came loose and abandoned bike resulting in a wonky bottle cage. Jamie saved the day and had a spare bolt. Then  my cheap Chinese handlebar extender snapped in half (don't buy cheap goods). Grr. Cycled parts of this section with a guy cycling his first 400.
  • Nice potato at the West End cafe.
  • We took a wrong turn in Llandovery and cycled an additional 40-50k. Am sure Jamie blamed me.
  • I think we saw Llandovery too many times!
  • It was ironic, that at the point we got lost, was pretty much the same place where I had gotten lost before (and added 30k).
  • It was quite a race to reach Tregaron in time.
  • Timewise we made it to Tregaron.
  • We did not have enough time to eat a proper sit down and savour meal.
  • I purchased fruit and pastie and quite enjoyed that.
  • It was about here that I realised I had got quite burnt from the sun. It was mega hot.
  • We saw no Tregaron mountain toads (at least not yet).
  • We saw signs 'beware the Tregaron mountain toad'.
  • Toll started to feel sick.
  • It was very hilly.
  • We reached Newquay, just in time.
  • Toll was feeling sicker.
  • The control kindly stayed open for us 3. I think it was only me who ate - I had crumble and ice cream. (Jamie, on reflection, had a Kit-Kat).
  • It was pitch dark. On previous editions, I could see the sea.
  • We discussed plans of finding a B and B for Toll or getting a return train. nothing materialised.
  • We left the control with an uncertain feeling.
  • Big hills!
  • Whoa, Toll was sick! He puked!
  • We cycled slow for long stretches now and it felt bad that I had no awesome remedy for the sick boy.
  • We tried to find a suitable place to sleep. The churches were all closed. The bus stops didn't look to appealing.
  • We stopped at a bus stop. I think Toll (and maybe Jamie) got a little sleep. I couldn't sleep. I was too awake and too cold. I think the High5 powder I had was full of caffeine too and kept me awake and alert.
  • After so long, we pressed on a little. It was slow going. No suitable sleep spots were found.
  • Another bus stop was found after so long. We tried to sleep again. I think Toll and Jamie got 40 winks. I got the chills and decided to leave the boys.
  • Solo cycling in the dark. I hallucinated at times, though it was more like illusions really. 
  • Very misty every now and then.
  • Cycled into a hedge at one point (I was being silly and closed my eyes and counted to 39). No damage, came to my senses again.
  • Absolutely awesome starry sky. 'He even made the stars'!
  • Morning light appeared. 
  • Oh no, oh yes, signs to Llandovery.
  • Found control, out of time, was closed.
  • Continued and found open garage. Was not looking for a POP, but was so pleased to be able to eat. More pasty and milk shake for me!
  • Found a church with a big porch. Curled up for a spell and tried to sleep - no joy was still too awake and got cold when lying down.
  • Got a strange sense of deja vu!
  • Seemed a long stretch to Blwch. Passed so many cyclists cycling in the opposing direction. Weather must have made folk to want to come out.
  • Did not even consider looking at the Blwch control.
  • Passed some strange place names during last 60k.
Brevet Cyrmu 2018
  • Damn blast. Debris got caught in my wheel and bust a spoke and mashed up my mud-guard. Scratched frame too. Grr!
  • Hilly last section. I kept looking out for Tintern Abbey. Silly me, this route did not require cycling past the abbey on the return (think I was thinking of the Bryan Chapman).
  • Text Mark Rigby and informed that I and the boys would be a DNF.
  • Ah, but finish I did (and so did the boys)!
  • Another adventure. Much memory created! I'll remember the highs (and some lows perhaps).
  • Tried to sleep at the finish, no joy - maybe too buzzed up. I slept about 33 hours after my previous sleep and did not dream about cycling!
  • Tis what it is!

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