Thursday 31 May 2018

Tapering to the TAW. (Torn and twisted)

Had such a great feeling at the start of this week. I think this was because it was a 'no-work' Monday (Bank Holiday) and I knew that only about 150k training miles were between now and the start of my TAW cycle race. I cycled an easy 25k to start the week and got extra excited when I received the latest TAW email which included a link to the 'tracker thing'. This 'tracker thing' means that anyone can follow (watch) Jamie and I (and all the other cyclists) race across Ireland as tiny dots on a big map of Ireland. The link is here:, so please follow us! Would be awesome to know some folk are following us and wishing us well.

Tuesday was a rest day. I had Governance meetings away from my usual work base so no commute was possible. I didn't feel the need to push myself and run. In fact, I was feeling happily lazy.

Mid-week and menace struck. I cycled to work with no initial issues and managed to miss a major downpour. I showered and then when I was getting changed my back gave way. Wasn't sure what had happened but I was experiencing some acute pain. This pain continued so I contacted my GP and secured an appointment. My wife and daughter came and picked me up from work (my bike and gear still remains there) and took me to the GP practice. Following my examination, I wasn't given the news I wanted to hear. The Dr felt I had a prolapsed disc and suggested I take pain killers, consider an MRI, stay away from work (sick not written for 1 week) and complete a referral for physiology. Grr! I explained I was planning on racing the TAW next week and I got the expected 'pep talk' about how health is more important than any event and preventing more serious injury etc. The Dr has agreed to see me again next Monday. I do hope and pray all will be well. Contacted Adrian (TAW organiser) and Jamie to keep them updated. Both suggest I wait until Monday, see how I feel and await 'Drs orders'. That initial great feeling I had at start of week is not feeling so great right now.

Woke up Thursday to a considerable amount of pain. Had slept well though - the valium I took the night before had worked well. Struggled to get into my car (feel most pain sat in car seat) and took myself to local swimming pool. Felt nice to swim (probably first swim this year) and I swam 40 lengths (1,000m) which felt mostly fine. Kinda hurt when I had gotten out the pool again. Later in the day walked a short distance around local park which felt quite uncomfortable. I told my ma that I couldn't possibly ride my bike right now (let alone up a hill), she replied 'well, you don't have to  yet'. My mother is right of course. My mother, wife and Jamie are all well wishing and appear optimistic that I will start the race. I so hope they are right.

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