Sunday 20 May 2018

T minus 2 weeks (ish) to TAW!

Lunar's expressions capture how I feel with regards to the looming TAW!
Started my training this week on a high. First adventure was a trip to Roger's for some nice tandem action. Took a hilly route to get to Roger's and then swapped my road bike for his tandem. Together we cycled a 65k route on a wonderfully sunny day and stopped at a lovely cafe near Lowsonford for breakfast. I can never remember the name of this cafe but it's great and it's where we stopped on our first ever tandem adventure together. After our full English, it was a cycle back to Roger's domicile where I swapped bikes once more. Took an easier route home and was pleased with such a great start to the week.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday were all regular to work and back cycle commutes. Pretty fine weather on each ride. Wouldn't to be wonderful if Ireland is this sunny when I'm away.

Ran on 2 occasions this week - Wednesday and Sunday. First run was a trek around the Studley triangle. Second run was a cross country affair over the fields of Studley. Felt good to stretch my legs.
Spent some time fretting about the TAW. Just wanted to make sure my kit list was all sorted. I think I am mostly sorted and hope to do a fully loaded 200k tomorrow for test purposes. Above is a picture of my fully loaded machine. Next blog and I'll share what's inside the bags.

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