Sunday 13 May 2018

TAW - it nears!

Lost my mojo and my focus a little this last week. This resulted in a relatively poor training effort for the week. I still cycled and ran a little, so I guess all was not bad. Oh my goodness, the TAW (TransAtlantic Way cycle race) is less than a month away!

Monday was a Bank Holiday and was spent resting after the Brevet Cymru. I was really glad of the rest too. Recovery is quite an art if you ask me!

Tuesday and Wednesday were both cycle to work and back commutes. And it's about here my training went a bit pants. In fact, I didn't train again until the weekend.
My old and trusted Pearl Izumi gilet
On a brighter note, my rather wonderful Pearl Izumi gilet was fixed! Yay, it cost £7 to get a new runner on the gilet, rather than big bucks to purchase a new gilet. Oh, the art of repair. Less great was the menace of getting my wheel fixed. I contacted Cycle Studio in Redditch and they said it would 'take a month' for them to fix a broken spoke. That, in my mind, is very poor service and borders on ridiculous. I don't think they had any interest in completing a small job. I contacted Vale Cycles in Evesham, they said 'bring it in mate, we'll fix it overnight'. Vale Cycles good, Cycle Studio bad!

Looked at a lot of social media stuff relating to the TAW which was inspiring, frightening and mind boggling. Pushed myself to record a video for media purposes of the pending TAW bike race. Below is my un-edited, interview with self (answering questions I was asked to answer).
Once the weekend came, I got my mojo back. With this renewed focus, I set off on an early morning run. I ran a rendition of the Studley Triangle. I ran off my work associated anger.

Sunday came and my anger returned. My recently repaired gilet had not been repaired at all and the zip was still wonky. Grr. Modern clothing ain't the quality it used to be. I have a shirt that's over 40 years old and still remains fine..
Now and Then
Decided to run off the anger once more and felt better for so doing. This was another Studley Triangle run in the awesome sun. Completed my training for the week with a cycling jolly with Ron and his new bike. Perfect way to end a week.

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