Sunday 19 May 2013

Next week - a 400!

Great cycling start to the week, but a more relaxed finish. Struggled to get as many miles in as I would have liked. Still, cycle I did and on the whole was happy with my LEL training.

Took ‘Scotty’ out, my mountain bike, for a mostly urban mountain bike jolly. I often like to ride what I call my ‘urban route’ and essentially followed this same route but with a few variations. These variations were an off-turn trying to locate Aid’s new house (which I didn’t find on this occasion) and getting lost in a field by Ron’s (as a youngster, this was known as the ‘quarry’). This ride wasn't brilliant, just okay, I struggled to get into a nice rhythm. Pleased I stretched my legs all the same. My route is presented below:
My last cycle of the week was another route I had stolen from a Strava user. I had named this route ‘BG SR2’. This was a fast route, which started off similar to my ‘TTT 20’ route. From Wilmcote this route headed towards Bidford on nice roads but had to cross one busy road (where I had to wait an age for the traffic to slow so I could get across). On the return leg I passed the ‘Fish Inn’, where SJ and I had a not-so-nice meal just a few weeks back. From the pub this route headed home via that ‘undulating road’ and finished with a zoomy speed down Jill Lane. Nice. My route is presented below:
Cycled a total of 278k this week. Was hoping to ride 400k to keep in line with my LEL training plan. Not so bothered really though, as next week I plan to ride 400k in a single event! My yearly distance now stands at 4,158k!

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