Thursday 2 May 2013

There be dragons

This week I didn't cycle an awful lot. My LEL training schedule dictated that I should have cycled 200k this week, but this didn't happen. I was about 70k short but that was a small price to pay to spend the weekend away with my beautiful daughter (and wife)!
I did, however, cycle on three occasions in the early part of the week. My first cycle was with Ron where we essentially cycled the most part of my 'AM SR 1' route on our mountain bikes. Even though Ron was familiar with these roads, it was a new route to him. We changed the ending of the route and cycled a short section off-road in the 'Woods of Doom'. Our route is presented below:
My second adventure took me on new roads. There be dragons! I stole a route from a Strava user which was pretty awesome and essentially took me to Lowsonford and back. The middle section was a bit wonky, as can be seen by the route track below:
My third adventure was essentially a repeat of my second adventure, only without the wonky middle section. I named this route 'BG SR 1' and am sure to ride this again. My second run of this route was a lot faster than my first. The correct route track is shown below:
In all, I cycled 141k this week. My yearly total now stands at 3,424k. Nice :)

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