Monday 24 June 2013

A letter from Will

Last week I cycled very little. Virtually nothing at all. I spent a few minutes on my mothers bike, cycling a few laps around a caravan site but that was all. I was on holiday with my family and had instructions not to take my bike and not to even mention the 'b' word.

However, towards the end of our holiday, I just had to mention the 'B' word. Will had sent me a letter, well an email anyway! Will was the chap I emailed a while back stating my interest in an LEL documentary that He and 2 of his friends were making about LEL 2013 (a MadeGood movie). Not so long ago I was interviewed by Walter and then a few weeks later received this email. The email stated '... Thanks so much for meeting my colleague Walter over Skype, and for spending the time to discuss our documentary. We have now had the opportunity to meet all the riders that put themselves forward to be interviewed. Myself, Rich and Walter have agreed unanimously that we would like to follow your ride in depth for the making of our film...'

How cool was that? I was completely blown away and over-whelmed. I never thought for a minute that these guys would be interested in me and my story. I told my friends the same saying 'I'd thought that they would prefer someone who was eccentric'. My friends all commented 'you are eccentric', with my wife adding 'yes you are eccentric, that's just another word for weird'. I asked myself, 'am I eccentric', the voices in my head replied 'you? Nah, no way!'

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