Thursday 6 June 2013

Redditch Tour Series

Those reading my blog will realise that it has not been in order this week. Sorry about that. With so much cycling each day (pretty much), I am adding snippets in an ad hoc manner.

Anyways, this blog is about the start of the week. My first ride of the week was with Ron. We took our mountain bikes for a revisit of 'Thistle-fall Hill'. Grr, the hill beat me and I had to get off and push. The remainder of our route was mostly a random off-road jaunt. We cycled the last part of our adventure by following part of the 'Deer Route'. Once back in Studley, we knocked on Kim's (my sister) window for fun and then raced up St Judes Avenue. Nice.
Tuesday, I ditched my bike and became a spectator instead. I watched the Tour Series in Reddich with a few folk I often have fellowship with. It was pretty good to be fair. Watching kinda made me wish I was participating.

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