Sunday 2 June 2013

Pants really

This week my cycling was largely pants. I only cycled on one occasion. The weather was pants initially, work got in the way of fun and ok, with my excuses I am done. The short distance I did cycle was on my mountain bike where I cycled 'naughty fields' to the 'Bread crumb trail' and then returned home via Coughton and Sambourne. Some random barbed wire tore my shoe open too :(
Next week should be more exciting. I plan to ride 50k, 200k and 300k events in the same week. Oh, and on Thursday night, Walter is going to interview me via Skype for the purposes of that LEL 2013 documentary. I wonder if that'll be my 15 minutes of fame?!

Cycled a total of 31k this week which brings my yearly total up to 4,734k. 

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