Saturday 28 October 2017

A rest and a rustle in the woods

This was a relatively quiet week on the training front. I guess it was a 'rest week' really. Felt kinda out of sorts, like a mighty germ was trying to possess me or something.

Few activities were completed during the week. However, 2 work and back cycle commutes were completed. A 5k run was sandwiched in too - the first run (I think) since failing my 'runeveryday' challenge.
Lunar and Kim
Doo and Melody
Doo and Lunar
Still proved to be a challenging week. Lunar was off school on half term so she had 2 'daddy days'. We spent the first of these painting outside fences. I had to endure a 'My Little Pony' movie on the second day. Then to finish the week, I had responsibility for both my beautiful little horrors. With the help of my sister Kim, we took the rug rats for a climb of what I believe was Dovers Hill.
Bare footed wood run?

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