Sunday 1 October 2017


"Recruit, when I give you the word, I want you to exit my building to the left, and hit the deck runnin'. I want you to fall in on those yellow footprints with your body at the position of attention. No lolly-gagging around my area. Head and eyes straight forward. You understand me?"
"Yes, daddy."
"I didn't hear you!""Yes, daddy. Yes, daddy. Yes, daddy." 

Those who are regular readers of this blog will know that I have fought many battles over the years, some of which have left me bruised and scarred. Some will know of my battles in York and a few will be aware of me leading a team of 4 into a 24 hour assault (Easter Arrow). The battle of York is not over and in Easter 2018, I plan to battle once more in the Easter Trail. Aptly named, I am Doo, the Don. It hasn't been too difficult getting recruits on board. Already signed up to join my side is Field Marshal McLeod (Mac) (veteran of many battles against the head winds). Next to Field Marshal Mac is Tinpot Tolley (a soldier who will willingly plough on ahead, ready to throw himself on mines, sports a mean pink cape). A newbie has also joined the ranks - Private Simpson (the raw recruit, untested in major battles, but keen and will always have snacks). On the reserve list we have an old dawg - Rocketeer Ron (very experienced, places a few mines of his own) and Corporal Chris (who can fix almost anything when he is not paying attention to affairs of the heart). As if this future battle wasn't testament enough to the hard core nature of the group, Marshal Mac has put forward a testing challenge for the month of October. This October challenge involves running every day for the whole month. Some folk refer to this as the Ronhill Run Every Day challenge but we all know Mac thought (fought) it first. How many days will I conquer? Time will tell... 

This weeks training wasn't so tough. The week was made up of a few cycles and a few runs. The treat for the week was spending the weekend with my family. 

My cycles consisted of just two to work and back commutes. A third was planned but I forgot to set my alarm. D'oh.

#RunEveryDay Run 1

Ran more than I cycled. Started the week with a commute (there and back) run. The run out was wet and cold and the return hot and sweaty. Fridays run was another real wet one but joy was had as I found my missing headphones! Last run of the week was my first for the RunEveryDay challenge. Well, that's one day done.. 

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