Sunday 15 October 2017

Sleepy Week / Pack

High-light of this week was a pack. Not a bike pack, but a particular Pack(wood) House. Funny thing is, I didn't even go in the house. Packwood House was a rather splendid National Trust site where me and my family hung out over the weekend.
Lots of forest, dens, trees and places to eat picnics. Weekend also saw my lovely daughter dress up as a soldier at Sunday School and both my kids received prizes for being great scholars.
The training front was less exciting this week. Kept up with the #runeveryday challenge and am now about half way through. If truth be told, am kinda getting bored of running every day. Only 2 (plus) weeks to go...
Only cycled twice in the week. Completed two to work and back commutes. Have put my Cannondale on eBay and I'll be excited if it sells for big bucks!

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