Monday 11 December 2017

Not the Abbey and Roads 200 / snow balls

Shorter training week than I had planned. Despite the weather being cold, wet and icy, I managed to complete 3 work and back cycle commutes. A touch of snow on the last commute too. Good job I found a suitable hat, err, cat...

Had plans to cycle the Abbey and Roads 200k Audax event on Saturday. This didn't happen as the snow and icy conditions forced Jamie and I to DNS. I had so wanted to ride this event, however, probably made a wise decision. My mate 'Babs' didn't start either citing icy conditions as the reason why. As way of compromise (pah) I set up my indoor turbo trainer and span for 30 mins or so. No audax event, so took my kids to a Sunday School party which was a lot of fun.
Woke up to a foot of snow on Sunday. How awesome! It kinda meant I couldn't cycle long or far. However, it didn't mean I couldn't cycle at all. A quick spin (in the snow) around my village put a smile on my face.
Not sure I'll get a 200k audax completed in this month of December now. Well, you never know... What I do know is, we have a lot of snow! Hey ho!

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