Saturday, 2 January 2010

Goodbye cube...

Today I have cycled my first miles of 2010. I took my work bike out and leisurely cycled the Deer route. I had to take it easy today following all the excess food I had over christmas, plus the fact I've been lazy and because there was lots of ice patches covering the roads. I saw no deers en-route (even the electrically lit up deer had been removed). However, I saw a loose (?stray) dog which is kinda weird, as I saw another loose dog the last time I cycled the route. The ice gave me the fear a little bit, but I felt somewhat relieved knowing that I now have insurance via the Cyclist's Touring Club (CTC).

I parted company with my cube today (the bike that was involved in my injuries last year). I sold her for a small sum and am considering my next bike. Hmm, maybe a scott scale hardtail?!

Used the diary Jane got me to record my deer route cycle. I know it's a running log book but am going to use it to record all my training and sporting achievements. Let's hope this diary records some great events!

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