Saturday, 9 January 2010


This week has been quite awesome. Most of the UK has been covered in a blanket of snow and it has been the coldest winter for 30 years. More snow is expected so here's hoping next week will be equally as awesome.

Took my first swim of the year. It was lovely to step into a warm pool after walking in the cold crunching snow to get there. The snow had prevented a number of folk from venturing out, which was great because I had the pool to myself for a while and only had to share it with 3 others before I left.

Cycling was a no-go this week. As crazy as I may be, there was no way I was going to attempt to cycle on those frozen glassy looking roads. Shame I don't possess or have access to a turbo trainer or equivelent. Did spend time equipping my road bike with those 'crud' road racer mudguards which are 'the latest ultra-light mudguard for road bikes', weighing in at only 180g. Is not a good idea to fit these mudguards after drinking mulled wine from Aldi (even if it is award winning!), as Ron discovered as he snapped the end off a front mudguard. I paid the deposit on my new dream machine too! - hopefully, on monday I will be the proud owner of a Scott Scale hardtail...

Ran on 4 occasions this week. Each run was only for 15 minutes. My first run was around Arrow Vale lake (I used to waltz around this lake at often times when I lived in Redditch) which had completely frozen over. I was baked following this run despite the temperature being -4C. My next run was along the Alcester Road which was covered in snow. I was quite suprised how much grip the snow offered and was grateful my running shoes were made of gore-tex. The last 2 runs were in different snow covered fields around Studley and Redditch (as pictured above). Cody came along for the field runs - the -5C temperatures didn't bother her as she was wearing a fur coat (and sporting a snow beard).
I did not hop, skip or jump this week. I have the means now though - my skipping rope arrived in the post. Am not sure I can skip, but when the snow clears I will have a go and post the result here.

This week also saw the first camping expedition for me this year. Ron, John Mitchell, Mark, Christopher and I stealthily stroll into woods near Sambourne. We found a good spot to camp and busied ourselves finding wood and quickly had a roaring fire going. The night was spent chatting, drinking beer, sharing stories, star gazing and eating delicious sausages. In the early hours of the morning we crawled into our bivvy bags (no tent!) and slept underneath the stars. I guess it was about -4C and at times it snowed too. With the bright moon and tree silhoutte's it looked like a scene from E.T. We all managed to get some sleep and several hours later when we were all up, I cooked some more sausages on the same fire that was still burning. I spotted a deer just a short distance ahead when I went for my morning pee. We finished our adventure by having a friendly sledding competition - 'young' Christopher was the winner (he was only 10 or 11 years old)!

'Why do caterpillars crawl? Why is there a sky? Why is there a world at all? And why do I ask why?'
Weekly totals: Swam for 45 mins; Cycled nowhere; Ran for 60 mins.

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