Sunday, 17 January 2010

Specialized menace!

My work bike, aka 'the specialized' has not been too happy since Scotty appeared on the scene. Indeed, on the self same day that Scotty came home, the specialized' front wheel skewer had seized up and had to be removed by local bike shop. Following that, the front disc brake started to rub against the wheel rim. Took the specialized to 'the meeting' (to meet Ron who would hopefully fix said problems) and could you believe it? - the rear disc brake started rubbing against the wheel rim. Grr! After much maintenance, 'love', fiddling and filing, the specialized is ready to roll again. 2 miles was all the specialized managed today, lets hope she makes the 20 mile journey to work tomorrow. If she's lucky I'll treat her to a service soon - she really does need some attention paid to brake lever, chain, casette ...

On a brighter note I managed to squeeze in a 20 min run with Cody over the 'corn fields' in Studley. It was a mostly pleasant run. Felt a wee bit sad that the lovely snow had gone. Cody ran a little bit extra today as she was chased away by 3 menace collie's.
In view of the absent snow, I took out my skipping rope. This was really, really hard work. I struggled to skip for 5 mins (out of breath, did no more than 26 revolutions at a time and sweating like crazy). I will attempt to keep skipping and start real easy - just attempting to skip continously for 2 mins. Once I am able to skip continously for 2 mins, I will try for 3 mins and keep working up. Following my skip, my calves felt stretched and somewhat painful, so I guess some good must be happening - 'no pain, no gain', right?! An article on the internet stated that skipping is 'comparable to running at 12kph when you consider the number of calories burned per minute'. Oh well, must skip ...

Weekly totals: Did not swim; Cycled 63 miles; Ran for 65 mins; and skipped for 5 mins.

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