Saturday 31 July 2010

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A great training week. With the Tour de France finished there was little excuse to stay in and watch TV and not go out cycling. Happy days.
Took Scotty out for the first time in ages this week. Scotty is a truly awesome bike and it felt great to ride her again, even though she started to creak in places. The first trip with Scotty was my 'naughty' cross country trek across fileds in Astwood bank, looping back round to Studley passing Studley Castle. Just before the mighty up and down section, a deer jumped out of nowhere and I watched it jump away into the distance. The last time I did this trek my legs were itching like crazy from all the nettle stings and brambles - this time I had taken precautions and was wearing leggings which had the desired effect.

Scotty's second trip was with Ron. Have not cycled with Ron in a while either. We bombed around old routes, this time was much speedier due to the ground being rock hard and our improved levels of fitness. Scotty shook, rattled and rolled my bones! We passed Burial Lane and Dog Butt Lane which continues to make me grin and succesfully climbed this technical off road track up into Astwood Bank (have attempted this climb before but never completed it - Ron promised me a mars bar if I made it, am still waiting..).

Next week Ron and I are taking our mountain bikes to the Cotswolds and are competing in the Evans Ride It! Off Road (long distance) Sportive. This will be my first sportive ever. Am hoping Scotty will love it. Everyone loves a Scott!Cayo, my road bike, saw enough tarmac this week too. Took her out on variations of the Henley Loop and Ron's 1 Hour Loop at the beginning of the week and once again at the end. During the weekend, Ron and I cycled a good 'hunting for hills' trip. We conquered a number of hills including Cobley, Scarfield, Rose, Callow and Buntsford Hills. This was a nice tougher trek. Ron said 'it's always nice to finish a trek by spinning', I said 'a nice trek is best finished with a beer', so we did both!
Decided against a commuter bike in the end. Number of reasons why, including limited choice, menace stores, no funds, etc. With bikes as nice as Scotty, Cayo (and The Specialized), who needs another?

Weekly totals: Cycled a distance of 142 miles.

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