Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Longbridge menace

Planned to do a nice 60 miles or so today. Started my journey and all was well, minimal traffic, shining sun and nice tunes on the ipod. Once I got to Longbridge though, disaster struck! I punctured. This was soon fixed but menace enough because the tyre did not want to go back into the wheel rim. Once in, the tyre was soon pumped up because I now carry C02 canisters. Decided to cut my journey short and head home as the tyre had a tasty little hole in it and will no doubt need replacing. Put my headphones back into my ears and grr, could you believe it (?!) my ipod had died too...

Cycled a distance of 29.80 miles at an average speed of 14.3 mph (max 35.1)
In the evening I repeated the route I have done the last 2 days on my work bike. I am going to name this route the 'Deer route', in honour of the electrically lit up christmas deer I have passed on 3 consecutive days now. Strangely enough, the electric deer looks nothing like the picture above.

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