Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Solo cycle from Studley to the relics of a medieval forest and through the Arrow Valley

Honesty is the best policy, right?!

Despite the Dr telling me to stay off the bike for a couple more weeks, I couldn't resist and took my road bike out for the first time since my accident. The terrain was a good mix of gradients - lots of ascents and descents (some relatively steep but not so long), but for the most part fairly flat smooth road. This was an easy/moderate route.

Left my home in Warwickshire and entered Worcestershire cycling into Redditch Town Centre before skirting back into Warwickshire along the Arrow Valley and down to the River Avon via Abbots Morton. Lots of interesting looking churches were past en route, and I even stopped at St Peters church in Abbots Morton to shelter from the rain and eat my sandwiches. I passed a rather fancy looking post box on my journey too...

Felt so nice to be back on my road bike. Not everything was working 100% - the front derallier kept on slipping, the map holder kept coming loose, I kept on losing my bearings and a poor squirrel nearly ended up as road kill. Still, job done and it felt good. Felt good, that is, until I got off the bike...

Once off the bike my wrist felt rather painful. Strangely enough, my feet were in pain too - right on the 'boney bit' where my foot puts pressure on the cleat. Amazingly my backside was fine (there is a lot to be said for that 'nubutte' cream).

Distance - 62.17 miles, at an average speed of 14 mph (max 36.9)

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