Monday, 7 December 2009

Swim, swim, swim

Have continued to use my 'Reddicard' and swam saturday gone and twice today... My first swim was in the pool, my second swim was 'a play on words' and describes the flooded roads I cycled today with Ron and Jon.

This was the first time since my accident that I had ridden with Ron and Jon. I was using my specialised mountain bike aka my 'work bike', as I have not yet made peace with my 'cube', the bike that I came off. We took a nice 'on road' only route (despite using our mtb's) through the country lanes of Studley into Great Alne and passing through Coughton before returning home. The roads really were flooded but quite 'passable if you can hold your breath for 3 minutes'.

Cycled about 16 miles into the dark, wet and chilly night. It was awesome to use my 'Ay-Up' lights after such a long time - I remember saving so hard for them at the beginning of the year. Hopefully Jon, Ron, (Stu), and I will start cycling as a group on a weekly basis again. We should really give our un-official mountain bike club a name

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