Friday, 4 December 2009

Random Andy!

Woke up today with un-expected motivation. Decided to put this motivation to good use and go for a cycle - however, soon changed my mind when I saw how frosty it was outside. While waiting for the frost to disappear, took Cody (my beloved dog) for a game of 'dogball''.

After our game of dogball the frost was still present, so Cody and I went for a run around Oversley Woods. Felt strange running without a heart rate monitor (had been so long since my last run that the heart rate monitor had turned it's toes up). Felt strange running, full stop! We only ran 1 lap of the woods and it took us about 22 minutes.

After our run, the frost had finally vanished so went a bit extra and cycled away. I cycled a similar route to wednesday's cycle, only this time I knew where I was going so took few wrong turns and didn't 'double up' on any sections. I like this route and am going to name it 'the Barton Beast' route and use it lots for training. Barton is probably the furthest place out during the route.

The cycle went mostly well, the gears were changing fine and the map holder had stopped slipping. No kamikaze squirrels were out today, but a beautiful deer stepped out and crossed the road about 8 feet in front of me - this was just outside Abbots Morton and in broad daylight. My right knee was quite painfull throughout (could this be due to the running?) but I soon forgot about the pain when a random cyclist 'Andy' joined me in Great Alne for the leg home. Andy introduced himself and we shared stories all the way to Studley - my finish point. Andy was continuing on to Stourbridge, training for an Ironman event. I wish him all the best!

Cycled a distance of 39.43 miles at an average speed of 13.4 mph (max 37.7)

Weekly totals: Swam for 135 mins; Cycled 117 miles; Ran for 22 mins.

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