Saturday, 12 December 2009


Cycled the Troad route today with Ron. I can see why he calls it The Route Of Absolute Doom now. The route is hilly throughout - lots of short steep climbs and 3 noticeable 'get out of the saddle' climbs. The route weaves in and around a lot of places I know including Henley, Redditch and Feckenham. Is a lovely route as it misses out busy main roads and sweeps along country lanes and forms a kind of circle. Ron doesn't like 'cycling over the same piece of tarmac twice'. Poor Ron, we did cycle a short section twice as we got lost trying to take a detour to Cult Cycles. Cult Cycles was a welcome stop (once found) - we were treated to a cup of tea and purchased new mudguards (which sadly, we have to fit ourselves as 'the mechanic' was not there). Started talking to a chap inside who has not long recovered from a broken leg - was more like a clinic than a bike shop! Felt good to finish the route, knowing that I had conqured 3 climbs and raced 2 sprints (set by Ron). Am feeling a bit better about the up and coming sportive next weekend now.

Cycled a distance of 32.44 miles at an average speed of 13.7 mph (max 37.0)

In the evening I cycled my Deer route. This trip was pretty awesome beacause, not only did I see the electrically lit up deer, but I saw a wild one too. Strangely, the lanes are no longer flooded - not even by the ford.

Weekly totals: Swam for 45 minutes; cycled 141 miles; Ran nowhere!

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