Saturday 19 December 2020

Covid calamity continues into Dec 2020

Covid concerns continue. Much menace. Tier 3 restrictions currently in place where I live.

Hmm. Figured we could all do with a bit of cheering up and what better way than a reflection on past events. Yes, the past contains many adventures and I'd like to quickly share 3 past events. These are Zwift FTP, a Tour of the Black Country and a Wild Camp in December.

Ok, first off, FTP - Functional Threshold Power. I blogged about Zwift previously and reported that following a certain test I had a FTP score of 245 which I understood to be pretty average. I was pleased that it had increased from 220 though. Better yet, I recently entered a race on Zwift and my FTP had increased to 260. Not quite so pleased after realising I was disqualified from the race for cycling in the wrong category (had entered as category D and power suggests I should be C and had finished third until DQ).

The Tour of the Black Country is a great ride and to date have cycled this 3 times. My latest adventure was with Chris and Ron. This particular version was 20k longer than the previous times I had cycled. The things I remember most about this ride were the lovely chips we ate in or near Wolverhampton - they were orange and probably cooked in a different type of fat - most delicious they were (cheers Ron). The tough hill didn't prove to be as tough as I remembered, however, there were certainly more hills than I remembered. We cycled past a bridge which Ron's company had built. We all managed to cycle a lap of the Velodrome which was pretty cool too. Great day with great friends.

The last thing I'd like to bring back into mind is a lovely Wild Camp that happened one December. All my camps have been really rather wonderful and this one was no exception. On this occasion, Ron, Chris, Jamie, Rob and my good self all cycled to a new secret location (chosen by Ron). We quickly set about setting up camp. Ron, Jamie and I had hooped bivvy's, Chris a hammock and Rob just a regular bivvy.

As well as having different sleep set up's, we all had different bikes too. Ron and Rob were on mountain bikes, Jamie and I were on cross bikes and Chris was on a Brompton! Our collection of food was also varied too - we had sausages, eggs, bacon and burgers.

Apparently, it was only Ron who had award winning sausages! Ha! All the food tasted delicious to me. I think food always tastes better when someone else cooks it! 

The camp spot was home to many creatures and we heard the hoots of owls. We awoke to the scream of deers. The morning light allowed us to watch squirrels hopping from the tree branches above us. All rather magical.

On leaving the the camp spot, we only bumped into Tony. Y'know the 'window cleaner' and guy who helped teach Rob to drive all them years ago! It's a small world.

Hoping Covid does one and real soon. If not, just guess I'll have to reflect on past events some more...

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