Monday 13 July 2020

Hollibobs during C19 pandemic, part 2

The second week of my hollibobs was much like the first,
Only the weather wasn't so great, yeah, it was definitely worse.
I managed lots of adventure and surely had some fun,
Met up with different folks and even had a run!
Cycled 45k on the Monday with my Cousin 'Aid',
We stopped at Earlswood Lakes and woulda liked a lemonade.
Before the day was out, we took a 5k walk with our kids,
If they had cycled earlier, we'd probably have done bunny hops and skids.
Doo and Cody (Mark took this pic about 10 years ago)
Ree (pic also taken by Mark all those years ago)
Tuesday was quite a lazy day with just a 7k jog,
Got lots of scratches being 'off road' and wet feet from the soggy bog.
Chilled out rest of day, with my buddies Mark and Ree,
Mark did much cooking, which saved me making tea.

Wednesday was a nothing day where I completed very little.
In fact, I hardly did anything at all,
I guess I needn't say too much more,
It's all so trivial and would only bore.

Thursday was more active and my head-space felt quite good,
I ran a couple of loops around the lovely Webheath Wood,
5k was what I ran outdoors and 16k I cycled 'in',
I used my turbo trainer see, and went for an indoor spin.
Pimped up Pixie, my fixie
Friday saw me cycle 48k on my fixie,
This is my favourite bike of late - adoringly, I've named her 'Pixie'.
I've pimped her up a little - just check out that new seat,
Don't you think it's lovely? I'm telling you, I think it's neat!
A nice ascent in Uffington
Sweet X-Country
Tom's suitcase
Russ with a fixed tube (at last!)
Chris punctured both tubes
The best event, was more cycling over the weekend which I saved to last,
This was the OxDURO off-road event - and boy, it really was a blast!
Six of us cycled this event, a real motley crew,
Mostly old friends, but at least one of them was 'new'.
Russ, Ron and Chris all punctured - what a menace blow,
I was secretly pleased for the stops and liked to take it slow.
Kirk, Tom and I, we didn't face such woes,
Though must of us got stung or scratched (I had grass seeds in my toes),
As through 'nettle alley' we took our great machines,
Tom was riding a mountain bike - he really must've been keen.
Tom also took a suitcase, I really kid you not,
The rest of us took little, nearly diddly-squat.
We cycled a road and chalk and trail course,
And up and past the great Uffington White Horse.
We stopped at a cafe, in fact we stopped at two,
Such a great adventure, perhaps next time you'll come too?
And so ends my hollibobs and now it's back to work,
The things we do for a living, just to fund some perk!

Wednesday 8 July 2020

July 2020 wild camp

Once upon a time, 2 weary travellers (namely Jill and Dave) stumbled upon what surely must have been a pre-historic, perhaps neolithic site. Jill and Dave informed their son-in-law of this great find. Jill and Dave's son-in-law just happened to be my buddy Ron. Ron then checked this site out and just had to tell me about it. Ron and I paid a visit to the site, now dubbed the 'JD spot', and we agreed that a wild camp should take place here.
The site as Jill and Dave would have found it
A camp took place during the month of July. Plans for a 2020 Bivvy-A-Month were aborted, mostly due to Covid issues, however, it was still awesome to wild camp when time and constraints allowed. Four of us camped out together and this included Ron, myself, Robin and 'newbie' Phil. Phil wasn't new to wild camping, but this was the first time he had camped out with us lot.
Almost as soon as we had 'landed' at the JD spot, Rob (as predicted) set about cooking. The rest of us figured we would set up our camp spots first. Ron set about starting a fire soon after - it would have been rude not too considering a fire circle was already in place. Ron chose to set up his bivvy under the pre-installed shelter set up.
Our supper was delicious. Lancashire sausages, chilli cheese and bread rolls. This was washed down with Jasmine green tea. A rather splendid feast.
The dancers
Rob Dog and Doo
Lovely to have a fire going
JD Camp Spot
Following our supper, we danced a little, chatted much, and generally just hung out. Was nice to share various different drinks amongst our group. We chilled out to various different songs and it was handy that Phil had bought his smart speakers with him.
When morning came it was easier to see how we had all set up camp. Phil had opted for a hammock which looked real neat. I've never used a hammock and must admit I'm a wee bit curious now.
Rob, Phil and Doo's sleeping quarters
Phil's hammock
Ron had opted to sleep under the pre-formed shelter. Not sure how well he slept as I never heard him snore (most unusual). We certainly heard deers screaming in the night though.
Rob's little patch looked untidy, but on closer inspection he had all his gear in it's own place. His frying pan would be turned upside down to keep out the creepy crawlies and be ready to use again in the morning. I slept pretty well in my hooped bivvy, just got a little hot in the night and had to remove my socks.
Sure enough, once we were all awake, Rob started cooking breakfast which consisted of more sausages and rolls. I took to cooking too and added eggs (laid by my very own Silkie chickens) to our scran. Delicious. Breakfast was washed down with Jasmine green tea once more.
Not long after breakfast, we cleared our camp and left nothing behind. We came away with another adventure that will be talked about fondly in the days that follow. As always, already looking forward to the next camp.

Sunday 5 July 2020

Hollibobs during C19 pandemic, part 1

Booked 2 weeks off work,
With plans to cycle a race,
But Covid kicked in,
Which wasn't so ace.
No TransAlba race around Scotland for me,
What did I do with my time? - read on and see!

Cycled 48k fixed to Flair's on the first day of my leisure,
Was nice to catch up, eat a Greek Gyros - what Pleasure!
Had hoped to make my 2 weeks a memory to treasure!
Flair, chilling in her abode
Next adventure was over the weekend and it involved more than just me,
My kids came along, Lunar and Melody, see.
We went on a woodland adventure, yippee!
We encountered a dragon and more than one tree!
The tree of balancing
The Dragon
Monday. I cycled a further 93k on fixed gear,
All exercise today, no chance for a beer.
I cycled into Stratford, which was just fine,
And on the grounds of Walton Hall Hotel for the very first time!
Walton Hall Hotel Grounds - my buddy Grog's father was a member
Later, same day, I took out my new shoes,
Still exercising, with Lunar, no booze!
With feet in our shoes,
We walked off any blues!
Moon boots and new blue shoes
The very next day, I cycled 77k on a different machine,
Despite gears and fat tyres, I still didn't look lean.
Aid came along for this ride too,
We wanted Greek food for lunch, not vindaloo,
The Greek place was shut, oh what to do?
We opted for something quite different to eat,
Forgot what it was, but is was quite a treat.
Aid outside Warwick Castle (lunch was in Leamington)
The evening that followed was equally fun,
Out with the kids for a walk, plus their mum!
We walked the 2 bridge loop in Webheath,
A further adventure, no grief!
Sisterly love
Both SJ and the tree appeared to be rusting
Started Wednesday with an 8.5k cross-country run,
Followed by walking with Aid and our kids for way much more fun.
Later cycled a further 39k, all this distance but far from a ton,
By the time it was evening, well, I was done!
Lunar, Millie, Melody, Aid and Tom
On the Dragon again
Purity squirrel?
The Phantom and Doo some would say
A zebra?
Thursday was a short cycle of just 16k,
Checked a bivvy spot with Ron, for another day.
The cycle, the previous night, was also with Ron,
So easy to lose track, with lots going on...
Potential bivvy spot
Friday was a double-whammy day,
Ron and I cycled far away,
We followed a route initially created by Phil,
If Phil were to ride our additions, he'd sure be quite ill,
Because to Phil's Hill we added more climb,
We kinda had to, to make the hills climb to the top,
We added in Fish Hill and at Broadway Tower did stop.
Paused for a fine tasting drink and a sausage roll to boot,
We then continued to cycle, what a hoot!
At 107k our ride was all done,
Only we cycled 9k later to add to the fun.
We went to the bivvy spot we checked out the day before,
and oh what fun, adore, adore.
We went for a camp with 2 more fun guys,
I'll blog about it later - a kinda surprise.
Broadway Tower
A rather fancy gate
Am hoping week 2 of my hollibobs is just as much fun,
It might have more cycling, a camp or a run,
It might turn out pants, which would be a shame,
Just read the (following) bivvy post to know what's my game.

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