Sunday 11 April 2021

Hare and Tortoise Run /A Day in Hell

The Hare, one day, laughing at the Tortoise for his slowness and general unwieldiness, was challenged by the latter to run a race. The Hare, looking on the whole affair as a great joke, consented, and the Fox was selected to act as umpire, and hold the stakes. The rivals started, and the Hare, of course, soon left the Tortoise far behind...
5th April 2021 saw me complete a 'Tortoise and Hare'  Easter run. This was a 10k affair and a 'virtual' race. In view of the virtual nature of this event, I didn't race it at all and neither won nor lost. I'm pleased to inform I completed my run and await a lovely 'Tortoise and Hare' T-shirt to be posted out to me for completing same. I'm not sure if I'll get a medal.
10th April 2021 was the day that I cycled my first ever Rapha event. The event was entitled 'A Day in Hell'. With such a monstrous title, figured I'd cycle this one with a bunch of buddies.
The basic plan was that we would all meet at the start and cycle as a small group. This was the first time in ages that Covid restrictions 'allowed' a group of 6 cyclists to pedal together. I cycled to the start and was the first in our group to get there. Toll was a no-show - I think he thought Louy B might have been joining us - ha! It's about time Toll did join an event and proved cycling doesn't make him sick! (Sick last 2 outings not that I'm counting). Phantom Ron had to cancel too - he was celebrating his mother's 80th!
Jamie, K and Chris all rocked up, pretty much together. So nice to see these guys, we hadn't seen each other for donkeys. Jamie had a new van to show off and Chris a new job to talk about plus the fact he's got 2 little ones on the way. All lovely stuff, nothing hellish at all.
The 'twins'
Then the ride started. It was chilly. Then hail was thrown down from the sky. Followed by snow. Ha! The weather was all over the place, however, it was a lovely day really and no 'real bad' weather. No menace climbs, muddy off-road or navigation issues. The day was a nice pleasant jolly and this event felt like a mini audax.
We went into, out of and back into Meriden. Meriden was marked by the rather wonderful folly pictured above with Chris. The plaque reads 'In remembrance of those cyclists who gave their lives in World War II 1939 - 1945'. Chris's grandfather was a keen cyclist and thankfully didn't lose his life during World War 11. Sadly, his bicycles didn't fare so well - they were tucked away in a spare room of his family home which took a direct hit in the Blitz. 
It was nice having Chris on the ride, especially as he kindly got me a rather fancy Rapha 'A Day in Hell', cycling cap. 3 of us were donned in these rather special caps as can be seen in the picture above. Chris also gets hungry and likes to eat on cycle adventures and that's great too as I'm constantly in search of food. Was ace that Jamie and K were cycling with us - they kindly shared their lunch - tasty cheese and chorizo baguettes. I hade a great day - my mates all rock!

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