Sunday 3 April 2011

Droitwich - Towcester (218k audax) a flat, up and down menace!

This weeks activities on the training front included walking, running and cycling. As usual, a whole bunch of creature spotting occured. And, a dose of menace was encountered too!

I don't normally record my walking activities. This is because, unlike my sister Jane, I don't really regard walking as exercise. Cody and I are walking all the while and we'd have enermous amounts of space to fill up. I am recording the fact that I walked around Ladywood reservoir on 2 occasions with folk from work this week, during work time. If I'm getting paid to walk - it's a different story! Over and above that, the folk from work who regularly walk the reservoir (namely Zalika, Max, Eddy, Adrian and Cecelia) are using this as a means of exercise (or maybe that's their excuse).

Only ran once this week. This running took place at Oversley Wood and I had SJ and Cody with me for company. We ran further than our usual norm (1 lap) and added an extra half lap which we will start to increase until we can comfortably run 2 laps. On our return to the start I took us up and over the mound and we spotted about 4 deer which was nice.

Cycled twice during the week. The first excursion was with Ron and we took out our mountain bikes. We cycled to the 'Woods of Doom' and got lost. The regualr trail was blocked with tree's and the likes (some felling etc taking place in the woods). Getting lost was great, we cycled 'free style' following new paths and trails and went up and down some sweet ascents and descents. In the woods I kept spotting deer but Ron always seemed to miss them. However, once we reached a clearing, Ron spotted a whole bunch of deer (about 7 or 8) running together. How awesome. Once we found this clearing, we also found the descent trek from our usual woods visit and followed it. We then essentially followed the 'Reed route' back home. I don't know about Ron, but my legs were still tired from the 300k event the week before.
Saturday saw me complete another audax event. This was the Droitwich - Towcester 218k audax. With this event completed, I think I am halfway in getting my RRtY award ( a 200k+ event each month for a year).

Only 12 cyclists (including myself and the event organiser) met at Droitwich for the start of this event. Just prior to meeting up, I had a touch of deli belly and the heavens were open. However, just as we set sail, the rain had stopped. I thought I'd be sensible and stick with the group at the start and maybe benefit from a tow. I stuck with the group for about a mile and then left them as they were cycling way too slow. I sped off alone on flat fast lanes and reached the first control in Shipston-on-Stour ahead of everybody else. I got to the control 2 mins before it had opened - that was a first for me. Even though this control was a bakery, I wasn't tempted to purchase any food (I had a banana and bowl of porridge before I set out this morning) and just opted for a cup of tea (which I ate with 2 cup cakes I bought from home, made by ex-student nurse Becky).

Left the first control and cycled with 2 others. The one chap remembered me from the 300k event I did last year and the other chap has done a few audax's with me before. Like the last stage, this section was fast too and maybe just a little hillier (nothing major). Reached the control at Towcester (pronounced 'Toaster') in good time. This control was 'Jacks Hill Transport Cafe' and the staff here were most interesting. I swear I was served beans and egg on toast by that fat, tattood, ugly woman from the 'Goonies'.
Left Towcester and sped along as a group of 3 (2 different cyclists to last formed group). This group contained the organiser Gavin. As before, this was a relatively flat and fast stage. We reached Wellesbourne and that's when menace struck. I had lost my wallet and it's contents (debit card, driving licence etc). This should teach me to put items in zipped pockets. Grr! At least Gavin was able to see I was at the control - I couldn't get a receipt as I had no money with which to purchase food. Cancelled my debit card and sped off again for the last stage.

The last stage was like all the others - fast and relatively flat, except there was one short steep climb to navigate (a hill leading up to Astwood Bank that I have climbed several times before). I cycled this section as a group of 4, which became 3 after so many miles. I raced to the end, not only to be the first to finish but because I knew SJ was waiting for me at the finish. Sure enough, I was proud to finish first (a first for me) and SJ did me proud too, she looked absolutely stunning and took my mind off any lost wallet menace!

This was a great audax event that I would be happy to ride again. All the roads were well surfaced, quiet and it was possible to cycle at a decent speed. This event was considered to contain a 'moderate amount of climbing' but there were no major hills or climbs really (none when compared to 'The Dean' 300k audax). Oh, my wallet was found by a cyclist futher back and returned to the Gavin. All is well that ends well! SJ plans to save the day and re-claim my wallet!

During audax cycled 132.28 miles, at an average speed of 15.3 mph and a max speed of 37.7 mph.

Weekly totals: Cycled 147 miles; Ran for 31 mins.

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  1. nice one Doo!
    You officially aint no NOVICE no more!!
    You now super distance multi audax whizzy PRO!!
    You'd give the Devon Boys a run for thrir money now!!


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