Sunday 29 January 2012

Killing me softly

A slow start to the week. Felt quite tired, lazy, de-motivated, lethargic - was basically suffering with negative symptoms suggestive of schizophrenia. Required a big push to get started.

When I did get started, I really went for it. On our first run of the week, SJ and I ran all the way to Redditch Town Centre. This route was not overly hilly but followed an ascent for most of the way, running up Node Hill, the Slough and that road that leads up past the buss station. We followed a nice descent once past Redditch College and then followed paths leading to Arrow Vale Lake. The lake always looks pretty, whether it be day or night, summer or winter and tonight was no exception. On we ran, passing Pauline's Hill (so named because my mother can cycle up this short steep ascent on her bicycle) and Ned's Rocks (that's another story too) until we reached the spot where poor SJ was once involved in a cycle accident. A few months back, some goon cycled straight into the back of SJ's bike. As we were reminiscing this event, some cyclist pressed his brakes so hard that they squealed and SJ and I both jumped out of our skins! We stopped and stretched a few times during this run and put in an extra bit of effort to speed back home. Both pleased with this run which was just under 10 miles.

Following this run, I relapsed. No further exercise took place. My wedding plans are coming on fine though!

Weekly totals: Ran 9.8 miles.

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