Sunday 26 August 2012

Of Florence and Queenie

This was a quiet week on the cycling front. A rest week, yeah that sounds better! Had plans of completing a 200k but tiredness, poor weather and paralysis of will put pay to that.
Three short rides were completed in the week. The first and last ride was with Florence my single speed machine.  I took Queenie, my rather old scrappy mountain bike out for my second ride.

Hooked up with Ron for the first ride of the week. We started by following the Deer Route but didn't turn off at about the half-way point. Instead we cycled back in a zig-zag fashion passing through Alcester, Coughton and Sambourne. Nice.

My second ride was great too. I cycled through 'Naughty Fields' and up to The bread crumb Trail. Had been an age since I took Queenie out. Her performance was poor, the chain kept slipping between sprockets. Was still good to get out and passing through the Bread crumb Trail is always fun. Finished this route by passing through Kinwarton then taking Sambourne lane, turning off-road down to Coughton Ford and reaching home via Sambourne.

My last cycle was a lap of the TTT 20 Route. Felt like an age since I had last completed this route. Whizzed around in an average time.

Weekly totals: Cycled 62 miles.

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