Saturday 23 August 2014

Brevet 5000 at last

The picture above featured in one of my work-related magazines. No matter where I look, I seem to get subliminal messages instructing me to cycle. Or, perhaps it's a taunt...

All was not well for me on the cycling front this past week. Jenny my Genesis commute bike punctured for the 4th time (1st time since fitting new tyres). Like every other puncture, this was a rear tyre menace. Such a hassle fixing a rear tyre puncture on a single-speed bike (and remains not fixed at present time). To top that, the front wheel has suffered a loose (not quite broken) spoke which made the wheel look seriously buckled. My work-and-back commute using Jenny wasn't the best. Evans Cycles are gonna charge £14 to fix this wheel and it won't be fixed before 31 August. Wished I'd gone to Specsavers somewhere else.

My second work-and-back commute was trouble free. I used Kay-O, my single-speed road bike. She was a light and fast ride but not designed to go cross-country. For this reason I kept her away from the tow-paths and used the busy roads instead (which are less busy currently because of the summer holidays). Is starting to get cold on my commutes, I think I will soon swap my cap for my buff!
This week, I also received my Brevet 5000 medal. This medal was awarded because I managed to complete a randonnee of 1200k (PBP), an SR series, 1000k event (used LEL which was 1400k), a 24 hour Team Arrow event and other events totalling 5000k, all BR(M) and ridden within a 4 year period. I am listed as rider no. 129 on the hall of fame (where currently only 130 riders are listed).

'All creatures contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways'.

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