Sunday 19 June 2016

Week 5 'Bikes not bombs' (Tri's not tanks)

Week 5. Week 5! Arghh, that means that right here, right now (Monday 13 June 2016) there is only 5 weeks until my IM event. To be more exact, there is only 34 days to go! Arghh!
This week started wet and horrible. Forced myself to run in the rain and ran about 13k. The run wasn't too bad to be fair.  I plodded up the Slough and Wagtail Lane in the wet, awful rain but I was dry and warm underneath my Adidas running jacket. My old Asics XC shoes were my kicks of choice and surprisingly they were super comfy. Both AccuWeather and my BBC Weather app predicted the rain would stop. With no rain predicted, I took my IM bike out for a spin. The apps lied and the rain chucked down. My adventure started following the Isoman route but after about 40k I nearly slipped off. My front tyre had punctured. Grr, it was raining too. Fixed problem by putting in my only spare tube and thought it wise to head back home save risking further puncture. About another 10k and I was home complete with a dirty bike. My new tyres didn't really feel any different to the old ones I removed. Previously had a 23mm on the front and a 25mm on the rear - now have a 24mm front and rear. Vittoria Diamante Pro III Radiale are my new tyres of choice simply because Lin got me them a while back for my birthday. These folding tyres replaced a Continental wired front tyre and a non-specific rear. My research suggests they get an average review of 4/5. Is nice running new tyres that have no nicks and cuts.

Tuesday came and saw me complete a 10k run commute into work. After work, a dip in Ragley Lake was on the menu. I managed to complete four laps (something between 2,800 and 3,000m) in the space of about 1 hour and 20 mins. At the lake I bumped (literally) into Jommy Mitchum and later John Legge which was cool. Jonny M whizzed past me in the lake like he was motorised (perhaps he had wind?)! For the first time in ages, I got cramp whilst in the water. John Legge advised getting hold of some calf sleeves and said they helped with both cramps and recovery. Better yet, these sleeves can be worn under the wetsuit and left on for running and cycling. Hmmm, I like wearing compression socks for long distance running but they'd be a struggle to get on quick time after a cycle ... maybe calf sleeves are the way to go? Maybe I should invest in Hilly socks too, following some super advice from Barbara Hackworth.
Wednesday was a seriously wet and horrible day. I got soaked through to the skin on my commute cycle into work. The return was little better - I was wearing wet clothes and then the heavens opened again. Pah! My calf muscles were hurting quite bad too, I reckon it was down to the cramp I got in the lake the previous day. Worse still, I also had ear ache which I guess was caused by water in the ear. Wednesday was great though because I collected my newly built up Specialized Roubaix. My buddy Russ had essentially replaced the groupset and swapped my wheels for some cheap ones. The previous wheels and bits and bobs had done that many miles they were seriously worn and 'beyond use'. Slinky is now an 11 speed machine too! Will have to wait for a sunny day before a test ride. Oh, and Chris Hodge will no longer be able to cuss my 'gay' (as he refers to them) cables flopping over the bars.

Deliberately rested on Thursday and Friday as my calf muscles were still painful. My ear ache had not gone either. At this moment in time my headspace wasn't great either.
Saturday came and I forced myself to go out for a run. I ran for just short of 2 hours so was quite pleased with this. My run was along tarmac all the way so I was wore my Ghost 8 shoes. I didn't wear my new socks and I didn't add vaseline, though I wish I had. My feet blistered again and my right foot in particular didn't feel to comfy. Am not best pleased with these shoes. Really think my Lunarglide 6's will be used for my IM race.

Swam Sunday morning. The lake was closed so I settled for a pool based swim. No issues with cramp or earache today. Covered 2,500m in about 1 hour 20 something minutes. Good job I'm faster in a wetsuit.
Sunday was also father's day. Was missing my own dad as he was away on holiday. During fellowship today, the speaker informed that we are all privileged to have a heavenly father. My wonderful kids (and SJ) got me the awesome cards pictured above.
My final piece of training this week was a 4 hour cycle covering just over 100k. Suffered with real bad hay fever on this adventure - felt like a right wimp. Chose not to use my IM bike simply because the heavens had opened again. Really was quite a wet, miserable week this one.

Despite the week being damp and miserable, it was pretty good on the training front. I swam just short of my target (swam both in pool and open water). Cycled well over my target 8 hours including a  4 hour trip (just a pity I never used my IM bike as much as I would have liked, nor tested my new build). Ran my planned 4.5 hours and used my terrible new shoes too! Right here, right now, there is only 4 weeks remaining to race day. I'll beg you all for sponsor monies next blog post. Cheers :)

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