Saturday 9 October 2010

Rollin', rollin', rollin' ....

My bikes have seen no tarmac at all this week! Indeed, my bikes haven't even left the house. However, I have managed to cycle a few 'indoor' miles.
The missing Tacx band finally arrived in the post. Rollers set up, and the indoor cycling has begun. Have still been quite leisurely on the cycling front, but at least a few miles have been ridden. I find the rollers quite knackering really and am absolutely dripping with sweat within a few minutes. My usual session is about 30 mins. Balancing is not the easiest either - I can balance but cannot cycle non-handed yet. Just grabbing a towel to wipe my sweat is mission enough.

Have a whole bunch of cycling related nonsense to report. This included my plan to cycle with Ron and Ian Cross this week, but for one reason or another this didn't happen. Organiser Mike Vybiral thanked me (via post) for my participation in the 'Welland Wonders' audax and kindly sent me a 50k medal (pretty pink in colour). Mike informed me that I was 1 of 89 entries and the event I entered helped raise £400 for a range of charities including the British Heart Foundation. Is awesome knowing how one has helped charity by just entering a simple event. Mark Rigby from the Black Sheep Cycling Club also emailed and thanked me for supporting the 'Mr Pickwick goes to Hay in a day' audax. Mark informed that Ron and I were 2 of 26 entrants, but more importantly paid 'big respect' to us two for having the [seriously hot] curry at Bromyard! The CMaD emailed to congratulate me for raising £380.59, - I raised this money so long ago I am struggling to remember exactly which event it was (possibly London to Geneva cycle?!). Also sold 2 bikes this week - not to worry, they weren't mine.
Non-cycling nonsense I see fit to share this week is great. I spotted a real fat man sporting a T-shirt which read 'I have beaten anorexia'. My dog Cody, ran around the garden randomly biting at weeds and continuing to eat them. Oh, and the other funny happening has slipped my mind again. Where is my mind?
Weekly totals: Cycled a total of 40 miles.


  1. Glad to hear your brain is holding up...but I don't now what!
    Lack of tarmac not doing you any good doo!
    What about this one nice video on the site

  2. Thanks Finley, it does look like an awesome event. Maybe I'll check my diary ...


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