Saturday 2 July 2011

Two Battles (200k audax)

Training this week began with a run. SJ and I ran around Oversley Wood during a hot summer evening. We were both baked and dripping with sweat and forgot just how hard it was to run 5 miles. I guess the long break from running plus my 'Africa belly' didn't help.
On Tuesday I caught up with Ron and we went for an evening ride. This time we went on road bikes and were accompanied by the 'Mitchell mob'. The Mitchell mob are 3 family members. John was well known to me already - he used to terrorise my sister at school. John continues to have an air of menace about him. Phil is John's brother and he appeared to be the boss of the mob and would like to race at any given opportunity. Sarah was the sister of John and Phil and she was the supportive one of the three - she would shout for Phil if he was racing, or hang back for John if he was struggling. We all cycled local roads round and about Studley. Ron and Phil would race up all the hills. In retrospect, I guess I should have raced too (I raced up one) as this would have been good training. This was a nice evening and we all plan to meet up again next week but on our mountain bikes. Earlier in the evening, SJ and I re-started our sit-up routine. As before, SJ can do more than twice as many sit-ups as I can. Grr.

After a long absence, Chris PT made an appearance. SJ and I had one of those 'killer PT sessions'. This was another great session where we were worked some. We did the usual sit-ups, press-ups, running, lunges, squats and so forth but this time we had to do exercises on a trampoline too. These sessions never seem to get easier.

Thursday was a rest day of sorts. I did no exercise, save a few sit-ups with SJ. I maxed out in the 20's and SJ in the 60's.

Friday saw me complete my 22nd audax but my first 'permanent'. This was a 212k ride starting and finishing in Tamworth and known as the 'Two Battles'. Two Battles were being fought that day, the battle with the voices in my head and the battle with butt pain!

I started this permanent at 8.20 a.m (believing you can choose the start time and date of any permanent) from Amington. It was a hot sunny day and perfect for a long ride. During the first stage I passed through Bosworth Field, which was obviously the first battle. I ate my traditional beans on toast at this first control in Wistow.
Stage 2 had 2 controls. The first control was just past Naseby, the second battle. I stopped here and purchased a banana and 2 bottles of water. SJ had decided to do the 'Volvic Challenge' and was drinking 1.5 litres of water daily, I planned to follow suit. At the second control of this stage in Upper Stow, I purchased baked potato and coleslaw. My food here was washed down with a cold coke. Unable to eat inside the cafe as a wedding was taking place.
Left Upper Stow and cycled a short way with a random cyclist during the third stage. I was pleased I met this cyclist, as I pinched a tow for a few miles and chatted some which enabled me to forget about the pain in my bum! Reached the control in Wellsbourne when menace struck. It was at this self same control on a previous audax that I realised I had lost my wallet. This time, I had lost my receipts from the controls where I had stopped. Bummer!
Cycled out of Wellsbourne and headed back to Amington. This was the longest stage but I knew it reached to the finish. I finished the ride in under 11 hours. Sent my brevet card to the organiser along with photo's I took on route in hope I get awarded with AUK points (receipts missing, remember). A great days cycling on generally flat, quiet roads. My legs, face and arms tell a different story - a story of too much exposure to the sun. Indeed, I reached home looking like a Red Indian. Or like a twister sweet when I revealed my white bits. Hmm.

Cycled a total distance of 212k or 131 miles during audax. Cycled at an average speed of 14.7 mph and reached a max speed of 41.3 mph.

Scotty went for a service this week too. Her prognosis is poor. She needs a new headset, bottom bracket and brake bleed. I wonder if new carbon bars would make her feel any better?!

Finished the week by completing my third set of sit-ups with SJ. The Two Battles organiser got in touch and said he wasn't that strict but still required proof of passage. Scotty remains unwell.

Weekly totals: Ran for 50 mins; Cycled 155 miles.

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