Sunday 20 May 2012


Think my body was some-what tired from recent activities (Brevet Cyrmu and Cheltenham The Vale audax's). This coupled with some running activities this week with SJ led to some seriously wonky headspace. Why do I become delusional when exhausted? And why do dinosaurs keep following me?
First activity this week saw me return to running. SJ and I ran the extended Studley triangle. Running really is not my thing and boy I was whacked at the end of it. I needed the following day to recover whilst SJ went to some pilates class.

Midweek was such a lovely day and both SJ and I were off work. Bonus! We took advantage of this weather and went for another run. Cody came with us this time too and we ran the Handlebar Route. Our first road run was hard (having not run in ages) and this off-road run was ridiculously hard too. In the short time I had stopped running, the grass had decided to grow. We all had to really pick our feet up to run over this over grown grass, never mind dodging the sheep poo (Cody trying to eat it just to clear a path for us)! Nice bath when we returned home.
The rest of the week just got worse. Didn't run any more and didn't sit on a bike saddle at all! No cycling took place at all this week. Finished the week with a game of badminton with the wife. The voices in my head told me to let her win and so I did. Final score Doo 2 - SJ 4. Grr!

Weekly totals: Ran 7.1 miles.

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