Friday 22 June 2012

Ride your bike

Started the week with a sneaky lap of the TTT 20 route. Say 'sneaky' because this was un-planned, just happened to finish work a little early and took advantage. Great day for cycling with warm sun shine. On the down side, came home and sneezed lots - major hay fever menace!

Cycled the TTT 20 route again on Wednesday. Such a beautiful day and just happened to be the Summer Solstice - the longest day. Not only that, it was also my dear wife's birthday. Happy Birthday SJ!

Planned to cycle the TTT 20 route again on Thursday, but bad weather put pay to that. As stated before, Florence is a fair weather bike (or at least she will be until I can afford to buy some mud-guards for her). Thursday turned out to be the longest day - the Summer Solstice, not yesterday! An error in my Micky Mouse diary - but being Micky Mouse, what do you expect? Anyways, I still cycled. I took Scotty out instead. After donning myself in rain gear and equipping Scotty with slicks, I set about completing the Deer route. It had been a while since I last rode this route and despite the rain it was a good lap. I rode the version where I cycled past the Mother Huff Cap and then headed directly for Coughton Ford.
Squeezed in another sneaky ride on Friday. This was a well timed ride too - had been raining heavy all day, but for the short time I was out the rain held off. Should have taken Florence out! I didn't though - I took out Scotty for a lap of the Reed route, i.e. yesterdays route in reverse.

Weekly totals: Cycled 72 miles.

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