Sunday 30 November 2014

Star Wars 2015

After the disaster of last week's 'The not-so-great figure of eight', I started this week by fixing things a little. First off, I removed the Specialized Armadillo tyre and chucked it straight out. This heavy duty tyre had blown and obviously I don't rate said tyre. I replaced the tyre (and tube) with a Felt Speed RW all-weather puncture resistant one that Lin had donated me. Let's hope it fairs better! This tyre was a 700 x 25c as opposed to my usual 700 x 23c and it only just fit!

The next thing I fixed up was the brakes. Well, the brake blocks to be precise. My rear blocks were that worn they were almost non-existent! They should have been changed a while back. My new blocks were awesome - they were the Dura-Ace variety and the only piece of Dura-Ace to grace my bike. These blocks or pads were great and just slotted into the brake 'thing' and held in place by a little screw. Actually, these new pads should have been held in place by the teeniest weeniest allen screw but I didn't have a teeny weeny allen key to fit, so I made use of the old, previously fitted, phillips headed screws. 
Funky brake pads held in place by 'old' phillips screw
The last thing to fix was a fixture. I basically added or equipped my bars with my Carradice tool bag. This will ensure I am able to carry a spare tyre with me on future adventures!
Ready for adventure
Cycling events this week just consisted of two work and back commutes. My cycle-cross bike was making strange noises which need to be investigated. I wonder if the cranks need tightening?!

Next week, I hope to conquer the not-so-great figure of eight! 

On an equally exciting note, I'd like to conclude this blog with some news concerning Star Wars. Wait for it ... there is going to be a new film released in 2015! Better yet, I am able to add a few screen shots! Doesn't it look exciting?!

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