Sunday 11 August 2013

First week post LEL

It has been a week since LEL now and yet it feels like LEL was an age ago. I continue to have a constant reminder that I cycled such a distance - my left foot still has a pins and needles type feeling in the toes. Thankfully, I've not yet had a lull or a case of losing my mojo after said event.
A card from my sister Jane
Lots has happened this week too. My sister Jane has at last joined the dark side - she has hung up her shoes and purchased a lovely Specialized Sport Dolce. This looks a lovely bike and was the self-same bike I suggested she get. She loves it!
Janes new bike 'Dolce'
Jane's bike is similar looking to my own. Same make. All the best cyclist's ride a Specialized.
Doo and Slinky
On the subject of 'my bikes', I have sadly let Florence go. Florence was my trusty single-speed road bike. Florence is being sold to free up room in the bike stable and hopefully her sale (plus the sale of some redundant wheels and other bike parts) will fund my plan to rebuild my old Focus Cayo up again.  The new build will be a single-speed project. Exciting - watch this space.

As well as saying goodbye to Florence, I had to say goodbye to my new B+M Lumotec IQ2 light plus USB set. This light set had problems ever since the latter half of LEL. The light set has been returned to Germany and I'll have to wait and see the outcome. I guess they will be replaced.

On the subject of training, I completed 3 short rides this week. My first ride was cycled with Ron. This was sadly, the last time I rode Florence. I will miss her, she was a great machine.
Back on the saddle 38k
My second ride was again with Ron. This time I cycled Slinky - her first ride since completing LEL. We cycled to a pub 'The Fleece' and then I cycled back solo. I couldn't get into this ride as my dynamo light set (as detailed above) was playing up. That was the last I saw of Ron this week - however, he dropped of some new MTB tyres to my house for me. A welcome gift - cheers Ron!
Fleeced 59k
My last cycle of the week was using my MTB Scotty. I completed my familiar urban route, this time by-passing Aid's new domicile. Sweet. It appears I may have a new local cycling buddy.
The Urban Route 30k
Cycled a total of 127k this week. My total yearly distance now stands at 8,785k. Wonder what distance I will clock by the end of the year??!

I didn't just cycle this week - oh no! I went swimming with my daughter Lunar and SJ my wife. This was a great experience, I loved it. I also cut the grass, this wasn't as much fun ...

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