Monday 26 August 2013

Goodbye Florence

This week started well, with Aid finally coming along to join myself and Ron on a MTB safari route. This route was the self-same one that Ron created last week. Just to prove Aid had gotten rid of his SFS (Southern Fairy Syndrome) he cycled to and from Redditch too. Just to be nice, I escorted Aid back home following our adventure.
MTB safari (plus escort Aid home) 31k
To further prove Aid had gotten rid of his spell of SFS, he joined me in signing up for the Snowdrop Express 123k audax next year. This is a great mass participation event that myself and friends try to cycle each year and was the first audax I ever cycled. I informed my mate Jamie about it (and incidentally, it was on this event that we first ever spoke about cycling) and he instantly signed up too. Jamie is supporting efforts to create 'Team Doo' and has signed up another participant already (with plans to recruit at least 2 further people). This Snowdrop event has already gotten me excited, with my sister Jane signed up plus Ron, Chris and Lin too!
Aid and Doo
My next adventure was with Cody Menace (my dog). We ran the 'Handlebar' route, a cross country trek over fields in Studley. Cody was a little naughty at times and forced a few stops. This was the first time I ran with a Garmin GPS watch (stolen from my wife, given by my sister Jane). I loved the watch, it enabled me to record my route and is presented below.
Handlebar Run 5.1k
Thursday saw me complete the Studley triangle run. SJ and I used to run this quite often when she was training for her marathon. We would start the run from our home to ensure the distance was at least 5k. This time, I ran a pure triangle which covered 4.6k. Why have I started running again?! - am not really sure.
Studley triangle run 4.6k
Saturday was a menace day. I was given two errands - cycle to cousin Aid's and return tip pass and pick up keys from his Mrs (so SJ can feed cat). Grr, no one was home (unless they were hiding)! To make matters worse, my chain snapped on the return route home.
Menace errands 19k
On a brighter note - Florence was officially sold on Saturday. Monies from Florence's sale will go towards building up a new single-speed machine. Am looking forward to the rise of 'Kay O', her frame is ready for added components (watch this space).
Goodbye Florence, you served me well!
My final adventure was with Aid. I fixed up Queenie, my single-speed mountain bike and cycled to the bridge at the top of the Slough, the 'bridge of meet'. Aid was there as planned but he was on his road bike. We cycled back to Aid's address and he swapped his road bike for his mountain bike. We set off from his abode and returned again shortly after realising I still needed those keys to feed the cat! When we finally set sail, we cycled a road route to Arrow Vale Lake and then cycled a path/off-road route back. Nice.
MTB jolly with Aid 34k
Cycled a total of 84k this week. My yearly cycling distance to date now stands at 9,117k. Ran twice this week covering a total distance of 9.7k. Have ran a total distance of 14.1k this year (though that is little to shout about).

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