Wednesday 30 October 2013

LEL 2013 Re-visited

Last week, I had my brevet card returned from the London-Edinburgh-London 1400k audax. This was the longest audax event to date that I have ridden. This blog post aims to look back on the event and provide some statistics that my mother just loves.
The picture below was my actual route as tracked by my Garmin 800. As can be seen, I cycled well over 1,400k because I got lost. The actual route was 1,412k but I cyled 1,519k. I had a time limit of 116 hours and 40 minutes to complete the event – it took me 108 hours and 23 minutes. 14 AUK points were awarded for completing this event.
The chart below demonstrates the hilliness of my route. 2.25 AAA points were awarded for completing this endeavour. I climbed more than was required due to my poor navigating.
22% of those that started did not make it to the end within the time limit.
13.6 km/h was the average speed (including all stops) of all finishers.
21.7 km/h was the average speed (including all stops) of the first finisher.
There was a time difference of 51 hours and 11 minutes between first and last finishers.
43% of riders were from the U.K.
6% of those that started were female.
7% of those that finished were female.

(Stats stolen from Arrivee magazine)

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