Tuesday 1 October 2013

"Work to eat, eat to live, live to bike, bike to work." -- Naomi Bloom

This post records the last few rides up until the end of the 2013 audax season!

First ride of the week was a rendition of Ron's MTB safari.
MTB Safari jolly 19k
Next up was a route I created myself. Pleased to inform that I made the necessary changes to my Cofton Hacket Hack route. Very pleased with this final version as very little main road is now encountered.
Cofton Hacket Hack 51k
My last cycle before the season was out, was the classic Deer route. I cycled this reverse way around with Aid. Such a nice route, Aid has yet to cycle it the usual way round.
The Deer route 29k
So, what about the 2013 audax season? Well, below is a list of all my completed audax rides for that season. The date, points, AAA points and climb (where known) is also recorded.
As can be seen from the list above, I managed to complete 34 different audax events (6x50, 5x100, 18x200, 2x300, 1x400, 1x600 and 1x1400). My total points tally this season was 66 and 20 AAA points.

Different awards are awarded for Brevet series, Randonneur series and AAA awards.

The Brevet series are a bunch of awards to 'encourage the rider to keep going over several years'. I started audax cycling in 2010 and have now obtained my Brevet 4000 award (an award for cycling 20x200k events over any period of time). Have actually cycled 37x200k events to date.
The Randonneur series 'stretch the rider to longer events'. I managed to obtain the Randonneur 500, 1000, 2500 (no badge or medal) and 5000 awards. The Randonneur 5000 award was awarded for riding Randonneur events totalling 5,000k in one season. In addition, I was also awarded my second Randonneur Round the Year (RRtY) award for cycling a minimum of a 200k Randonneur event for 12 consecutive months. My final Randonneur award was my second Super Randonneur award which is 'Audax UK's traditional award for the top 10% of hardened night-riders', where a series of 200, 300, 400 and 600k events had to be completed in one season.
Within the Audax Altitude Awards (AAA), I was very pleased to obtain my first AAA triple award. The AAA triple award is for completing 3 AAA awards over any period of time (ie 60 points). My total AAA points to date is 66. My final AAA award was my first AAARRtY which was an award for cycling a AAA event for 12 consecutive months. Very pleased with my AAARRtY award as I missed out last season by just 1 month!
So what about the 2014 season?! Well, I would love to ride another SR series and complete another RRtY and AAARRtY. In addition to that, I would so love to cycle a team event (an 'arrow') and complete a 1,000k event (to qualify for the Brevet 5000 award). There are also new awards within AAA for the century, half century and quarter century. I might try for a quarter century award where I have to obtain 25 AAA points within the season. 


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