Saturday 30 May 2015

The first week of Marathon training.

Monday: Run 2 (10k)
Monday: 'Run 2' was my first run of the week. Ouch, that hurt. In retrospect perhaps I should have rested after Sundays tri-session.

Tuesday: Forced rest day. I ached, especially my ankles. Realised I had 18 weeks to go until my Marathon. My planned marathon training started this week. 2 pairs of funky lock-laces arrived in the post, kitted my shoes out accordingly.
Wednesday: Interval run (10k +)
Wednesday: Intervals. Today I ran just over 10k using the following formula: 10 minute warm up; 6 x (1 minute fast then 3 minutes easy); cool down to finish. The tow-path was closed before I reached my destination so I had to take an alternate route. Added about 0.5k to my journey but it felt kinda nice to run all the way down Broad Street into work.
Today was also the day that my funky wet suit got delivered. How exciting! I just had to try it on there and then. Am not sure when I am going to use it though - Ragley Hall Lake just happens to not be open this Sunday. Typical. SJ said she'd run me a bath... I'll review and blog about this wet suit after I have tried and tested it. All the gear but no idea...
Don't pass gas in a wet suit!
Friends have given lots of advice in terms of my new swimming pursuits. Never pee in a pool (cos it apparently turns the water pink?!) Oh, and never pass gas in a wet suit!

Thursday: Cycle commute. General run of the mill cycle. Nothing in particular to shout about. My commute bike has saved me about £585 in travel fare's to date though - that's something to shout about!
Friday: Long run 8 miles (13.4k)
Friday: Long run. Ran SJ's 8 mile loop in reverse. Was lucky to miss most of the forecast heavy ran.

Saturday: Cycle commute. Wasn't going to cycle but work have now put a stop to parking on a weekend. Grr! Used my faster, lighter single-speed road bike for this trip.

Sunday. Day of rest. No tri-club today. Birthday celebrations as Lydia and Millie Payne both age somewhat.

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