Tuesday 31 May 2016

Take a break, it's week no. eight

Had no intention to take a break at all to be honest. But a break was had because I felt as rough as boots. Yes indeed, everything right was wrong again and it appeared everything was falling apart. I might be dramatising a little but it's amazing a how a wee virus can mess up your head space, health and outlook so much.

The week didn't actually start out so bad - I ran both Monday and Tuesday. The first run was a nice XC trek to Timm's Grove and the second was a familiar tow path commute into work. Sadly that was the end to my running for the week.

Tuesday evening and I had planned to OW swim. This didn't materialise as some fella had fitted on the train causing delays and the traffic was menace. Epilepsy must be a horrible illness and always makes me think of Ian Curtis. Am sure you don't need me to tell you about his story.

Thursday was a better and worse day. Better in that I managed to cycle some hours away but worse because that's when I started to feel ill and my training for the week came to an end.

Really was not pleased with this week. Trained for less than 6 hours. Felt rough. Oh, and my colleague Flair had left my team for pastures new too. Well wishes to Flair, will miss her muchly.

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