Saturday 22 April 2017

'Stop it now Melody...'

A belated card from my buddy
This week saw me complete 3 to work and back bicycle commutes. The weather was relatively sunny and was excuse enough for me to wear my new wonderful Oakley shades (courtesy of Lin for my b'day). Still saddened by the destruction and then loss of my last pair of shades.
Oakley dokeley
My birthday was a relatively quiet affair this year. I still got some nice stuff, like the glasses above. What Chris got me was balls though...
I didn't cycle to work on Monday because it was a bank holiday. On the other day that I didn't cycle, I was doing stuff in Stafford. Here at the hospital in Stafford, I couldn't help but think about bikes.
A rather splendid picture at St Georges Hospital, Stafford
My 2 kids are perhaps too young to cycle lots. However, they did scoot around the kitchen and run a little over the weekend. They also taught me how important it is to stretch.
I ran on 2 occasions during the week. The first run was a 5k run around my village. My second run was around Oversley Wood with SJ and the girls. I ran a total of 7k (we took turns to run around and then walk with the kids). Nice times.
It was also 5 years to the day (Sunday) that SJ ran the London Marathon. I wonder if she'll ever run it again? I wonder if I will? I wonder if the girls will?

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