Sunday 3 September 2017

Adventure calling

Steve Hale has improved at math
Following my Trans Pennine Trail C2C trip last weekend have felt that an adventure for 2018 should be planned. I have a feeling in my bones that a challenge lays ahead and its cycle flavoured. Looked at a few events and it wasn't looking good - TCR is too mammoth, I wouldn't get a pass, too expensive... EWE was for mountain bikes... a lot of other events involved flights and travel, money and time... Then I heard about the Trans Atlantic Race (TAR), a 2,500k race across the Irish Coast. I have never been to Ireland, love the coast and 2,500k, well that's only 600 miles or so further than my LEL experience. Was hoping my buddy Chris would be excited about this too but it didn't get his juices flowing. In fact, Chris said it would be wet and windy. Chris also said some folk were 'bigging it up' and saying it was 'tougher than TCR'. Wow, it does sound like an adventure doesn't it?! My other pal, Jamie, says 2018 owes him a mega adventure and he'll be 50 and all. I think he might be interested...

Back in the real world, my week started great. Monday was a bank holiday which meant family time. We had a great day at Charlecote park. Such an amazing sunny day.
Charlecote Park Adventure
Tuesday meant back to work. First cycle commute in a while. Right calf still felt a little funny but no real bother. The great weather had gone and was replaced by drizzle.

Drizzle had turned to heavy rain by Wednesday. Ran into work and back. A nice (and relatively knackering) 5k each way, despite the wetness of the day.

Thursday saw me complete my last commute of the week. Another cycle affair. Pretty cold in the morning today and the fog was like pea soup. Maybe it's time to switch from sandals back into shoes?!
L-R Toll, Jamie, Doo, Ron
Next adventure was on Saturday. A great day which saw me complete my 118th audax event. This was the 'Alan Partride memorial' ride organised by Bob Scarle. This was a 200+ k affair that started and finished in Redditch and went to Stamford Bridge, Weobley and Red Marley on route. Quite a hilly ride covering about 2,100m according to my reckoning. Was great to cycle with Ron and Jamie throughout. Sad my buddy Chris wasn't able to join the posse. Sweet that Toll had graced us with his presence for the first 50k or so. Bumped into 'Wobbly' during the ride too - a YACF cyclist that I had rode with on other events including LEL. Wobbly in Weoble. Ha!
Alan Partride Memorial Ride, 220k
Sure enough, Jamie and I talked about TAW during the audax event. He is as excited as me. I think we are both likely to sign up. Jamie said 'training starts now' and I believe he is treating this audax as event number one in the ARTY (audax round the year) challenge - I might just follow suit. Is funny how a little bit of excitement leads on to other things - I have booked a camp site in Holme Firth and plan to cycle the 'CrossDuroPennines' race on 7 October 2017. Argh!

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