Saturday 4 November 2017

7 - Eleven

Not an awful lot of training took place again this week. No real bother, I still ran and cycled a little. Made some major changes within the bike stable too. Indeed, poor 'Pinky' was sold. Also sold 'Winter Channel no.7' which made place for 'Eleven'.
Bye Bye Pinky :(
Bye Bye 7
Pinky was a good idea that just didn't materialise. She was a single-speed road bike that had on-going issue with the chain set / tensioner thing. I just didn't get her 'right' and she was just abandoned really. 7 served me well. She was a regular road bike which I initially purchased for use as a winter bike. However, 7 quickly became my off-road bike. Despite not being an ideal off-road bike, (could only fit a maximum size of 28mm tyres), 7 took me on many off-road adventures including the Torino-Nice Rally, Tour of the Black Country and a South Downs Expedition too. I really wanted a bike that I could use on the roads in the winter, tackle gravel in the summer and take off-road when I chose. So, pleased when Eleven arrived at the stable, as she appears to tick all boxes. We'll soon find out...
The delivery. Can you spot Eleven
Anyways, before Eleven arrived, my running and cycling activities took place. Only 2 short runs and 2 cycle to work and back commutes. Better than nowt though, I guess.
My first run was on Halloween. I ran in the day and saw no sign of gremlin, ghoul or geek. My run the following day saw no creatures of the night either, however, smashed up pumpkins were everywhere!
Hmm, next time the Mrs wants to see 'Rockabye Baby!'
Now, post Halloween and I saw a wonderful pumpkin. This pumpkin was in the sky. Aces! I see some truly wonderful stuff when out cycling on my bike.
Pumpkin in the sky
My last cycle was a real race. Well, the outward bound part of the commute anyway. I raced home as I knew Eleven was being delivered. My legs raced round and round and I got home in a real quick time, but not quick enough. The delivery folk had been and gone. Grr. All is well that ends well, and eventually Eleven was delivered to the stable on Friday.
Clean Bandit
Eleven is yet to be ridden. The weekend was spent away with the Mrs see. We went and saw Clean Bandit and rocked out to 'Rockabye Baby'. This really was a different sort of challenge... To be fair it was a lot of fun. Maybe, just maybe, the Pumpkins next time.

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