Sunday 24 February 2019

Snowdrop 2019

Snowdrop 2019 (L-R John, Ron, Jamie, K, Doo)
On 23 February 2019, I completed my 9th Snowdrop audax. This is a beautiful audax that starts and finishes in Hartlebury and passes through Upton and Evesham. It includes the infamous 'Pig Hill', aka 'Phil's Hill'.

This was the first audax event that I ever entered, way back in 2010. This was the first time that K had  ridden an audax event. Over the years have cycled this event with many different friends. This time around, I mostly cycled with John M, Ron, Jamie and K. The WT's (Wythal Team*) were here and included Andy Genders, Tony, Phil and a guy whose name I can never remember. My blind buddy Roger cycled this event too (on his tandem) and a number of his tandem partners were here also.

As with all adventures, there are many points of note. Here is a selected few:
  • It was a super warm (hot) day. How I wished I had a short sleeved top.
  • Not all my buddy's hung around for the obligatory start photo for the purpose of this blog.
  • Phil conquered Pig Hill. Guess we can no longer dub it 'Phil's Hill'.
  • Mark Rigby was the controller at Upton. Ron threw all the stuff off his table.
  • Roger got round in a super quick time which was just awesome, especially considering he was blind, over 70 years old and punctured!
  • Ron caused me to have indigestion - I had to speed eat my super expensive burger at Raphael's due to time constraints ;)
  • I plan to ride this event again next year.

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