Saturday 2 March 2019

Champing; BAM 3/12

For this month's bivvy-a-month (BAM) challenge (March), I figured I would try something a little different. For a start, I would be solo as all my buddy's were otherwise engaged. Champing, I decided, was the way to go. Champing is 'the unique concept of camping overnight in historic churches'. Hmm, aren't all churches historic? There were a whole bunch of churches not too far out from my own front door. I decided to go and try my luck.
Sambourne Mission Church
First church I encountered was Sambourne Mission Church. This church doubled as a village hall. Sadly, no champing here as the church was locked.
Next church I encountered was St Paul's Church in Cookhill. This church was certainly historic, it was built in 1836. The noticeboard stated 'Your Church is Open', but it wasn't. No champing at this Gothic Revival structure.
St Pauls at Cookhill
The third church I encountered was St James Church in Weethley. This was a very attractive looking church and was built in 1857. This church overlooked the Cotswolds.
Church of St James, Weethley
I had actually visited this church before. The location was great as it was quite rural and quiet. The panoramic views around this church rock too
This church had a sign on the door stating 'The church is open', but it wasn't. Grrr. I had been inside this quaint church before, why did they decide to lock it?
No it's not!
Despite not being able to get inside the church itself, it did have a rather lovely porch entrance. Shelter from the wind and rain and large enough to accommodate bike and bivvy! I decided I would camp here. Does this qualify as champing?!
Champing or not, I felt like a champion. I had completed month 3 of my BAM challenge. Woo hoo, that was 25% challenge completed, only 9 months to go.
Sleep was not the best this night, however, it was ok. The frequent sound of birds (mostly ducks in the nearby pond) kept awaking me. The sky looked moonlit but I could not locate the moon at all - strange. The stars sure shone bright.
'Morning world'
When morning came, I cooked a celebratory breakfast of porridge and washed this down with a cup of jasmine green tea. Packed away my gear soon after and cycled home. Once home, SJ looked after her 'wild animal' and cooked me a further fried breakfast.

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  1. You should have phoned the church warden to come and one up


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