Wednesday 2 September 2020

Reviews and reflections of 2020 thus far

Oh man, it's 27th August 2020 (at least it was when I started writing this post) and I'm feeling pretty de-motivated, flat and fed up of moaning. Covid issues have seriously messed up my training plans and forced planned events to cancel. Thus far I have only ran 162k this year and only cycled just over 6,000k. My plan was to run 500k by end of year and cycle 10,000k. Not much chance of hitting that target on the cycling front - I'd have to cycle something like 235k a week. Hmm. To reach my running target, I'd have to run something like 20k per week, hmm, that remains possible...

The past few months have seen me run and cycle little and have witnessed me indulging in a more 'rock and roll' kinda lifestyle. I weigh 92.6kg and despite being pleasantly surprised by this (thinking I weighed much more), I objectively look fat and feel sluggish. I think this is the most I have weighed this year. I want things to change, I want to feel better. I'm (relatively) good at following plans, so maybe I should create one?!

Purchasing things is a great motivator and I started my plan by purchasing some new running shoes and a cycling top. Brooks Ghost 12 were my shoes of choice - they look quite fancy and 'back in the day' a pair of Ghost 4's were my best ever running shoes. My cycling jersey was a Raphia merino number.

As for a written plan, I'm still struggling. I have thoughts - a combination of things I think I'd enjoy and also things I think I'd benefit from. Hmm. Initial thoughts are as follows: Each month complete a long distance cycle (knowing I will not reach my planned target yearly distance), wild camp monthly (just because it's fun), eat less fat and sugar (because as well as being fat, I have high cholesterol and this phenomena runs in my family), lift weights (ugh) and maybe fast (that would be a first).

Oh man, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...

Well, it's only 4 days until this month is out. I've decided to just to plan for the last few days of this week. My plan is to reach my running target of 500k before the year is out and so these next few days will focus solely on running and attempting to eat better.

Running Heroes is a free website and app that rewards folk for running with exclusive discounts and prizes. It doesn't matter how good (or bad) a runner you are and I figured I'd use this app to provide some motivation. I saw there were prizes up for grabs for running 3 x 6k in a week and a further prize for running 5k on the Sunday. Perfect, my plan was made!

Friday started well and I ran my first 6k in ages (I actually ran 8k) and was pleased with my new shoes (which felt bigger despite being same size). Before the day was out though, I drank much wine, ate chocolate pot and argh, the rock and roll lifestyle is hard to shift!

Ran my second 6k on Saturday. Ate a little better but succumbed to chicken nibbles that were in the fridge at work. Healthy living is hard!

Sunday saw me complete the 3 x 6k challenge - yay! I didn't win any prizes and my right foot started to hurt - boo! My foot was hurting so much I decided not to attempt the 5k Sunday run challenge.

At the end of the week, I felt better for running a total distance of 20k and think I learnt some lessons. Such lessons were - 'don't go all out, train slowly' (I think my foot might have 'plantar' issues), 'maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard' and 'running 20k a week is definitely possible' (I ran that distance in 3 days'.

Well, that's a start. I plan to read stuff (research) before September begins and will create a new plan. I have nothing to lose - argh, yes I do, weight!

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